The Girl Loves Pearls was started out of a fortuitous love. 

This love was created from having my son then flourished by my curiosity for nature. Impressed by the Earth’s natural wonders, I explored the world as a dancer and graduated from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) with degrees in diamonds and pearls.

My first necklace was the Motu One necklace. The design of the Motu One is clean, simple and uncomplicated.  It symbolizes my deep-rooted love for my son. He teaches me daily and reminds me of everything I wish I could be. I wanted to make something we could wear everyday, so I personally selected a beautiful Tahitian Pearl and strung it on hand worked leather. Friends, family and even strangers expressed their desire for me to make a necklace for them. That was when ‘The Girl Loves Pearls’ was created.

Using only sustainably sourced, fine-quality pearls and precious stones, our pieces imply a rustic simplicity. The quirks and abnormalities that arise from the handcrafted process of construction add uniqueness and an understated elegance. An important aesthetic to our designs is how each piece creates movement and drapes to the body. Just as how a dancer uses movement and space to tell a story. The Girl Loves Pearls is that connection to raw beauty while balancing earth and sea.

Explore. Create. Love. Be Free.