Jewelry FAQ

What is The Girl Loves Pearls doing about the problem of conflict diamonds?
We only use conflict-free recycled rough diamonds.  We value and appreciate their unique qualites as well as their flaws.   We operate in compliance with resolutions set forth by the United Nations as well as the Kimberley Process certification scheme. We believe this is the most effective way of keeping conflict diamonds out of legitimate channels of commerce.

For more information on conflict diamonds, please visit the United Nations and World Diamond Council Web sites at and

Does The Girl Loves Pearls use recycled metals?
Yes! The Girl Loves Pearls is aware of the destructive impact mining can have on the environment. 100% of our Platinum, 22K Gold, Silver castings come from recycled metals, and whenever possible we purchase recycled chain.

Where does The Girl Loves Pearls source its pearls?
Part of a Tahitian pearl’s appeal is its organic origins.  We have always felt a responsibility to buy from Pearl farms in Tahiti with ethical farming methods.  The oyster’s journey starts from the time the oysters are breeding to maturation in two-and-a-half years, when they are large enough to produce a pearl.  Once the they have finally matured, they undergo the procedure of nucleation using precision tools to insure the oyster’s health.  A crucial part of harvesting a pearl is the grafting procedure, preserving the life of this living creature.