Makatea Necklace

Makatea Necklace

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Makatea Island is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. The island’s native name is derived from‘drinking watr from the caves’, “Ma”-pure, “Atea”- light of day.

The Makatea Necklace is as distinctive and pure as this amazing island. This necklace flaunts it’s beauty simply with a personally selected precious Tahitian pearl, strung on a 14 karat gold ball-chain.

These pearls come round, semi-round, or baroque, and in a variation of colors from Tahitian black, light grey/silver, or greyish-green/blue.

Also, available in an exclusive baroque Tahitian pearls dipped in 22 karat gold.

Pearls larger than 15mm in diameter with luster, and no blemishes are rare and precious.

Please feel free to call for help in choosing the right pearl for you.

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