Papenoo Bracelet

Papenoo Bracelet


This black-sand surfing beach is highly rated among the world’s surfing fraternity.  While Tahiti usually creates images of snow-white beaches, this ebony-colored shore is a favorite amounts locals.  

To explore this exciting black-sand beach definitely gives the feeling of the unusual, and unexpected.    

This unusual Papenoo Bracelet is imperfect, but at the same time interesting, using a luxurious strand of unpolished Onyx stone in contrast against the radiant Tahitian pearl.  Onyx is a protective stone.  In India, Gemologist recommend Onyx as a protective measure for harmonious relationships.  As a birthstone it is believed to provide mastery of your destiny and strengthen your confidence.

Naturally striking to keep on your wrist while swimming. Looks even more stunning layered with other jewelry.

This amazing bracelet was designed with a man in mind, but it is just as striking on a woman.

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