Pukapuka Necklace

Pukapuka Necklace

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The Pukapuka Necklace is named after one of the most remote places on Earth.  Puka-Puka itself means ‘island of the little hills’.  The island’s name is usually said to be derived from the 'puka tree' which grows in abundance all over the island.  Although islanders say, Puka-Puka's main asset is the beautiful girls.

This simple but gorgeous Pukapuka necklace is suchlike with a single round or semi-round Tahitian pearl floating on a 14k wire, measuring as a 16” choker.   The pearl sizes range 14-18mm in diameter, and the pearl colors range from Tahitian black to silver-grey, silver- green/blue.

This necklace is a fantastic statement piece.

Pearls larger than 15 mm in diameter with luster, and no blemishes are rare and precious.

Please feel free to call for helping choosing the right pearl for you.


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