Hikueru Necklace

Hikueru Necklace

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The Hikueru necklace is named after this French Polynesian island, because of it’s rough oval shape.  Hikueru island’s natural beauty of rocks and stones as artistic creations created by the oceans and rivers.

The Hikueru necklace is a pendant necklace that is skillfully crafted and molded to take on the appearance of the island’s oval shape. This charming pendant is dipped in 22 karat gold with a striking 9-14mm baroque Tahitian pearl grayish/ silver in color, and mounted with the finest crafted Australian leather. 

This Hikueru necklace measures 18-43mm in length, with adjustable knots allowing you to change the length dependant on your mood.

This piece is great to wear as a statement piece, or layered with other jewelry.

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