Morane Necklace

Morane Necklace

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Named after one of the beautiful uninhabited islands called Morane. It is home to the largest endangered Polynesian Ground-Dove and Tuamoto Sandpiper. 

The exquisite Morane necklace mimics this uninhibited island by featuring one isolated Tahitian black pearl characterizing this small atoll. The Tahitian pearl measures (12mm) in diameter, coupling with the Black pearl are 28 sand white beads of sea glass representing the Polynesian Ground-Dove found on this island. This superb necklace is assembled on fine hand worked Australian leather with an incredible pearl clasp. 

The necklace drapes 81.3cm/32" long , as well as  can be wrapped around the wrist several times, and worn as a bracelet.

Pearls larger than 15mm in diameter with luster, and no blemishes are rare and precious.

Please feel free to call for help in choosing the right pearl for you.


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