Moto One Necklace

Moto One Necklace

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The Motu One necklace is named after one of the French Polynesian islands called the ‘sand island’. It’s a small sandbank completely bare, a perfect example of a natural beach with the ability to change.

The Motu One necklace is also a superb symbol of natural beauty, completely bare using a personally selected single Tahitian pearl to create this raw beaut. This choice necklace is artistry made by nature,
flawlessly secured by hand on the finest Australian leather with a characteristic pearl clasp.

The Motu One necklace is available in a variety of pearls sizes ranging from 10-14+mm. These pearls come round, semi-round, or baroque, and in a variation of colors from Tahitian black/green, light grey/silver, or greyish- green/blue.

The unique pearl clasp is versatile, with a simple knot that enables you to adjust the length dependant on your mood.

This striking necklace is as much for a man as a woman.

Sizes: See Necklace Sizing Chart

Pearls larger than 15mm in diameter with luster, and no blemishes are rare and precious.

Please feel free to call for help in choosing the right pearl for you.

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