Raiatea Necklace

Raiatea Necklace

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The Raiatea necklace was named after the second largest French Polynesian island. This legendary island is a secret garden of ancient myths, her unique and fascinating heritage gives the island an intriguing sense of place.    

The Raiatea necklace concept was conceived after coming across some rare African trading rings. I chose to incorporate these rings because of their intriguing ancient appearance. In Africa, some tribes adorn these thick heavy rings for marriage.

This Raiatea necklace I chose to use a 35-41” exceptional African trading ring dipped in 22karat gold, and perched just above the ring is a magnificent semi-round 12mm in diameter Tahitian pearl full of luster. 

The Raiatea necklace is assembled by utilizing the finest quality Australian hand worked leather. 

This necklace is 91.4cm/36" with adjustable knots allowing you to choose the length dependant on your mood.

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