Tahiti Necklace

Tahiti Necklace

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The Tahiti necklace is fashioned after this largely well-known honeymoon destination island. Tahiti is not only the largest of the French Polynesian islands, but also takes on the shape of a figure ‘8’. 

This delightful necklace creates this figure “8” with two incredible Tahitian pearls side by side, (9-14mm) in diameter and perfectly round. I chose a dark Tahitian pearl accompanied with a lighter silver Tahitian pearl to signify the masculine/feminine, pairing two unique pearls that compliment each other perfectly.

The Tahiti necklace is linked together with the finest hand worked Australian leather, with a special pearl clasp.

This striking necklace is as much for a man as a woman.

Sizes: See Necklace Sizing Chart

Pearls larger than 15mm in diameter with luster, and no blemishes are rare and precious.

Please feel free to call for help in choosing the right pearl for you.

This charmer is ideal for someone special in your life.

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