Tikehau Necklace

Tikehau Necklace


This wonderful necklace is named after ‘Tikehau’ which actually means “peaceful landing”.

Tikehau Island encapulates the feeling of going off the grid. This small island is made up of tiny white and pink sand islets. 

The Tikehau necklace encompasses the sense of going off the grid with its strand of endless smooth white Moonstones. The Mooonstones measure (18-20mm) in diameter mirroring the absolute serenity and calm graceful oval sand islets of this island. These moonstones are connected together using the finest Australian leather measuring 96.5cm/36" in length, and crafted with a unique pearl clasp.

The Tikehau necklace is elegant on it own, but also pairs lovely with other pieces.

Moonstone has always been a sacred stone used for centuries, because it is believed this stone promotes inspiration, passion and enhances intuition.

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